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[ ooc ] hardly habitual: accent

In talking to friends about how one goes about RPing an individual with a really freaking heavy and defined accent, I came to two conclusions: you either go for it gung-ho and make the accent as accurate a parallel to the Japanese as you can, or you don't give the character an accent at all and try to portray the sense of character through what he says/does.

I don't have enough time to go through specifics one by one, but in the manga/webcomic/what have you, Sadiq has a really -- really heavy accent. "dei" and "zei" and "車だよ,車" (XD) -- my first impression is "really backwoods old guy." Secondary impression is "gangster." Considering the Sick Man of Europe label Turkey was notorious for, and then the mangaka's character designs, I.... really don't know exactly what image the mangaka is going for. -- That's almost not the issue, though.

The issue: I really can't take typing in an accent. XD I MEAN -- I can't take myself seriously (not like Sadiq is one you take seriously, but this is a different loss of faith), and it comes out awkward, and usually halfway through, I begin flagging on the accent and have to remind myself what I'm going for. (For the record: I don't know yet, but I'm getting there.)

I'm not sure whether it would be wise to give up the accent and try for actions&c, which yea verily speak louder than words, or if I should keep doing the accent and then inevitably explaining to those who happen across the journal, "Er, well, he has this accent in the manga that's really crazy and essential to his character and so I'm kinda sorta errr...."

I'm not a morning person. Mornings make me too thoughtful.
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