[Türkiye] Sadiq Adnan (ban_set_turkiye) wrote,
[Türkiye] Sadiq Adnan

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New Year's celebrations are important in Turkiye. Seeing as that one December Christian consumer holiday isn't so popular (Jesus was a good guy, but so is Sadiq; why doesn't he have his own holiday?!) in a predominately Muslim nation, New Year's Eve becomes the day to give presents to loved ones/stuff yourself with asure/gain 8 pounds!

AND ANOTHER THING. 'Father Christmas,' or Saint Nicholas ('Noel Baba' in Turkish), was born in modern-day Turkiye. ... We've got a Santa stamp to propagate our Christmasy ownerships, even. I thought Westerners might want to know. <-- has no conclusion to make.

Mutlu yıllar. :D Be well, everyone!
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