[Türkiye] Sadiq Adnan (ban_set_turkiye) wrote,
[Türkiye] Sadiq Adnan

{ ooc

I know I have threads/comments to respond to, and I will, promise or a pound of my flesh is yours -- but as it stands, I'm sitting in an airport after 7+ hours of flight, and the quality of internet at the place to which I'm headed probably has very spotty (at best) connection and limited internet time, and though my access abilities will improve slightly after, say, 4 days, wintery holidays wait for no man. Not even I can stop them.

THE POINT BEING, I might be er uh hem worse with this whole punctuality thing than I usually am. ... AND YET. With my brief and not-truly-a-goodbye, I leave with you all my heart.

*jazz hands*

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