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{ ooc: 1,000 + shameless self-indulgence of the hopefully informative kind.

Really shouldn't be doing this in lieu of more productive endeavors right now, but hey, I work well under pressure! I eat deadlines for breakfast! I--! ...


My dear has capped 1,000+ comments (!!!); in the spirit of a few multi-fandom RPs I'm acquainted with, I decided to 'celebrate' by pimping out Turkiye info like it's 1999, and doing a relationship meme. I hope the latter will be somewhat helpful, since kind of... nothing on Turkiye has been translated into English. D: Maybe this will shed light on Turkiye's canon relationships, along with what we've got so far in APHDR. <-- the second's more for my benefit, so sorry if it's incredibly abridged. XD

Turkish Music and Sundry:

Mor ve Ötesi is my favorite Turkish band! The lead singer, Harun, has been described as a 'sinister James Bond.' XD They were in Eurovision this past year, and somehow ended up getting 7th -- thus proving Eurovision's out of its senile mind. ANYWAY here are 2 of their songs:
- Deli (Insane) [Turkish]
- Cambaz (Acrobat) [Turkish]

Sholi may be based in America, but they play the most beautiful Middle Eastern, and Middle Eastern-inspired music. This is a cover of an older Iranian song by Googoosh:
- Hejrat [Iranian]

(Image added for extra awesome.)

First off, sorry if your character's name isn't listed! D: In going through this, I realize Turkiye hasn't had substantial conversation with... a number of people. WTF. Gotta get on that.

(From West to East:)

They... seem to have a one-sided relationship. That is to say, in the Hetalia Christmas special, France declares it his mission to see Turkiye without his mask on. And without his clothes on. He also hopes to see how an Islamic nation celebrates Christmas. Sadly, when France goes home dejected and hated on after his VARIOUS SOLICITATIONS, Turkiye shows up all unassuming without his mask on (he says he dropped it and broke it). XD France never gets a good look. AND YET, it's the first and only time Turkiye acknowledges his presence: confirming whether or not France left the party. ...D:
APHDR: France has yet to seriously piss Turkiye off, and I doubt he ever will. XD Because as much as France lays on the insults like so many pancakes, Turkiye's still confident he could take him. ...And. That's sort of one of the few concerns Turkiye ever has.

Turkiye and Spain have a considerable conversation in the Medieval period, when Turkiye tries to steal ('conquer') chibi S. Italy. He isn't aggressive toward Spain at all and completely loses desire to kidnap Romano when Spain comes to his rescue; instead he prefers to threaten him with the imposing image of the Ottoman Empire... and then conclude with a 'right now he just wants to eat asure.' Spain, of course, left picking up the pieces after that frighteningly baffling encounter.
APHDR: Spain is ever-growing on him. :D He sees him as a kid, but one who has lived long enough to know how things work. ... Incidentally, considers Spain a form of light entertainment. LIKE TAPAS AFTER WORK. ...?!?

Er... nothing that I can remember. Of course, that's where history comes into play: the Roman Empire of the Middle Ages had its capital in Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) and Turkiye as we know it fought to escape Rome's control -- this happened when the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople and took back Turkiye in the 1400s. So that's a number of centuries spent under Roman control. Needless to say, it's been a pretty bloody, pretty disagreeable ride, historically speaking.
APHDR: HE HATES ROME WITH THE PASSION OF A THOUSAND BURNING, RANSACKED HAMLETS imeanwhat. He hates Rome. However, he sees Rome in a different light from Archenemy #1 (Greece), in that he sees Rome as old news; that's what bothers him the most. A victory once gained, now essentially a practical joke played on him.

Well, it was S. Italy (Romano/Veneziano) that Turkiye tried to conquer/kidnap (although he loses interest in it easily), so I suppose those 2 have a more substantial history. Historically, the Ottoman Empire never made it to Italy/Rome/past Austria, but at the height of the Ottoman Empire, it would've been a threat.
APHDR: Turkiye hasn't hassled Romano yet, but Feliciano's the perfect target when he's bored. 1. It's easy to make him squeal (automatic ego-massage) and 2. who doesn't want to be Burger King for a day? 8D

...Where to begin. They hate each other, you all know that. I won't detail Greece's side of the hate, but as for Turkiye... I think the first glimpse we got of Turkiye was him taunting Greece since he'd gotten a new car -- and being shut down, of course, when Greece points out that it isn't a Japanese model. XD Otherwise -- during the Christmas fiasco, Greece starts his "no no no" mantra when France mentions inviting Turkiye, and when Turkiye shows up, he's dismayed, insults him, and they begin fighting. When Greece recalls Turkiye in one comic, Turkiye's laughing manically, patting Greece's head, and saying 'soccer ahahaha soccer.' XD Historically, the Greek War of Independence was Greece's breakaway from Turkiye, and aside from that, I'm sure the Cyprus issue (especially now that Cyprus is a character! ...biased toward Turkiye XD) is a constant source of ARGH for them.
APHDR: Occupies 50-60% of his brain. Hates him over-zealously. And yet, the reasons are all very complicated. Greece was some sort of family once, and Turkiye certainly remembers him as a younger, ostensibly more agreeable kid. ...He's still a brat!!1

Historically, at one point the Ottoman Empire had control of Egypt + surrounding areas. Other than that, I recall the one small anecdote in which 'Turkish travelers witness Egypt speaking in long sentences.' XD IT GOES: Egypt talks to one Mr. Adnan, a.k.a. Turkiye, and tells Turkiye the story of how he wanted people to see how special his pots were, and when it was brought to his attention that if they were so special, he shouldn't be selling them, he fell silent as a stone. ...WACKY STORY ASIDE, that Egypt would choose Turkiye to talk to, not to mention that Turkiye would listen to the 'long sentences,' kind of... I don't know, it's sweet. D:
APHDR: It's! Complicated! One thing is certain: Egypt is the only one Turkiye can say is almost an equal off the top of his head. The rest... Turkiye doesn't like to think about it. They have a long history together and have endured the same hardships, and that automatically means some sort of solidarity with Egypt... but from there it's all tempestuous and blurry.

A little-known fact is that a 'love' triangle (whether platonic or romantic is up to your interpretation) exists between Greece, Japan, and Turkiye. As the mangaka 'illustrates' it, Turkiye is also a 'lover' of Japan, and their relationship goes 'Greece-->Japan<--Turkey.' XD ALSO, in the Christmas special (the Rosetta Stone of relationships), France notes that when Turkiye and Greece are alone, things get bloody -- Japan mediating them 'alleviates' the situation. (And then he goes on to say he feels sorry for Japan. XD)
APHDR: Turkiye really, really, really likes Japan. He sees adorable, opportunity, and resources when he looks at Japan. He does indeed love Japan in one way or another! IF ONLY HE WEREN'T COCKBLOCKED BY GREECE.

...Hm. Nothing. D8 In current events and such, Turkiye tries to maintain a somewhat nice-nice relationship with America, since it has a border with Iraq + Iran and thus faces some of the same problems plaguing the Middle East. ...Hmm, I can't think of anything else.
Sadiq: I DON'T EAT SWINE!!11
Alfred: What're you, Jewish? It's not porkchops &c.
Sadiq: ....I'M MUSLIM.

That was so quintessentially American, I could just see Alfred picturing New York and its kosher delis and. XD ANYWAY ANYWAY -- Turkiye considers him entertainment, and definitely one of the lesser evils of 'young' nations. So yeah. :D

...I started flagging toward the end. In conclusion: you guys are all great and the lulz are bountiful and beauteous. GO GO US. ♥

PS. Apparently Egypt was trying to sell his pots by saying, "If you buy a pot, you'll get married!" and "You'll be able to eat that snack you've been dying to eat if you buy a pot!" .... EGYPT ♥ XDDD
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