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Oct. 29th, 2009

☪ aşık ; ozan


Comment here!

If you need to get in contact with Turkiye's mun for any reason. RP plans, OOC chat, it's all good. ♥!

Dec. 31st, 2008

☪ kul oldun (köle oldun)

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New Year's celebrations are important in Turkiye. Seeing as that one December Christian consumer holiday isn't so popular (Jesus was a good guy, but so is Sadiq; why doesn't he have his own holiday?!) in a predominately Muslim nation, New Year's Eve becomes the day to give presents to loved ones/stuff yourself with asure/gain 8 pounds!

AND ANOTHER THING. 'Father Christmas,' or Saint Nicholas ('Noel Baba' in Turkish), was born in modern-day Turkiye. ... We've got a Santa stamp to propagate our Christmasy ownerships, even. I thought Westerners might want to know. <-- has no conclusion to make.

Mutlu yıllar. :D Be well, everyone!

Dec. 17th, 2008

☪ بر گل مى وار بو گلشن ﻋالمدﻪ خارسز

{ ooc

I know I have threads/comments to respond to, and I will, promise or a pound of my flesh is yours -- but as it stands, I'm sitting in an airport after 7+ hours of flight, and the quality of internet at the place to which I'm headed probably has very spotty (at best) connection and limited internet time, and though my access abilities will improve slightly after, say, 4 days, wintery holidays wait for no man. Not even I can stop them.

THE POINT BEING, I might be er uh hem worse with this whole punctuality thing than I usually am. ... AND YET. With my brief and not-truly-a-goodbye, I leave with you all my heart.

*jazz hands*


Sep. 21st, 2008

☪ aşık ; ozan



... Sort of. He put up Turkish music!

Blog Title: Turkey-san.

Entry: here.

Summary: He says to click to start, bit-rate, etc. ... Er.

Well, it's a start-! At least we have cool music to hold us over until we start seeing more Turkiye, Cuba, &c.

Aug. 27th, 2008

☪ aşık ; ozan

[ ooc ] here for the long haul

Hi! Ate! Us!

And here's where I'd put a set date, but all that's certain is it's starting tomorrow and lasting... until 1 September or later.

I might be able to fit in a comment or two depending on internet status (will I have it? will it be a struggle to leech off some unsuspecting neighbor? ALL THIS AND MORE WHEN WE RETURN), but it won't be anything substantial.


And keep on keeping on, you gorgeous people, you.

Aug. 17th, 2008

☪ aşık ; ozan

{ ooc: 1,000 + shameless self-indulgence of the hopefully informative kind.

Really shouldn't be doing this in lieu of more productive endeavors right now, but hey, I work well under pressure! I eat deadlines for breakfast! I--! ...


My dear has capped 1,000+ comments (!!!); in the spirit of a few multi-fandom RPs I'm acquainted with, I decided to 'celebrate' by pimping out Turkiye info like it's 1999, and doing a relationship meme. I hope the latter will be somewhat helpful, since kind of... nothing on Turkiye has been translated into English. D: Maybe this will shed light on Turkiye's canon relationships, along with what we've got so far in APHDR. <-- the second's more for my benefit, so sorry if it's incredibly abridged. XD

Turkish Music and Sundry:

Mor ve Ötesi is my favorite Turkish band! The lead singer, Harun, has been described as a 'sinister James Bond.' XD They were in Eurovision this past year, and somehow ended up getting 7th -- thus proving Eurovision's out of its senile mind. ANYWAY here are 2 of their songs:
- Deli (Insane) [Turkish]
- Cambaz (Acrobat) [Turkish]

Sholi may be based in America, but they play the most beautiful Middle Eastern, and Middle Eastern-inspired music. This is a cover of an older Iranian song by Googoosh:
- Hejrat [Iranian]

Relationships &c.: in Hetalia canon and in APHDR.Collapse )

...I started flagging toward the end. In conclusion: you guys are all great and the lulz are bountiful and beauteous. GO GO US. ♥

PS. Apparently Egypt was trying to sell his pots by saying, "If you buy a pot, you'll get married!" and "You'll be able to eat that snack you've been dying to eat if you buy a pot!" .... EGYPT ♥ XDDD

Jul. 25th, 2008

☪ aşık ; ozan

[ ooc ] hardly habitual: accent

In talking to friends about how one goes about RPing an individual with a really freaking heavy and defined accent, I came to two conclusions: you either go for it gung-ho and make the accent as accurate a parallel to the Japanese as you can, or you don't give the character an accent at all and try to portray the sense of character through what he says/does.

technical talk.Collapse )

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